What is a Master Transportation Plan?

Mitchell’s Master Transportation Plan (MTP) will serve as a set of recommendations and guidelines for the future development of transportation infrastructure such as roads, bike lanes, and walking paths in the community. The plan will assess current conditions and create projections to figure out where we are and where we should go.

The MTP will build upon and support the vision established in Mitchell’s Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan, including its pillars:

People, badge icon Fostering supporting and inclusive community culture
Laptop, gears, thinking icon Create an educational hot spot emphasizing innovation
Map marker icon Position Mitchell as a regional leadership center
plant icon Strengthen the local agriculture and industry clusters
Landmark icon Evolve Mitchell’s recreation, tourism, and place-making

The study is expected to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Complete list of transportation issues and needs facing the City of Mitchell.
  • Develop feasible solutions to address the issues and needs that meet current design standards and/or traffic ‘level of service’ expectations for current and future traffic conditions. Solutions will focus on promoting a livable community that will enhance the social and economic well-being of Mitchell residents.
  • Create final products use by the City of Mitchell, Davidson County, and South Dakota Department of Transportation which will provide guidance to implement recommended improvements and proactively integrate future development plans within the area.
  • Involve and engage the public in the planning process.

Transportation Plan Area

study area map

Plan Timeline

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Phase A

Baseline Conditions

List of existing and future transportation needs to present to the public for feedback.

Phase B

Standards Development

  1. Major Street Plan
  2. Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
  3. Transit Plan
  4. Pavement Management Plan
  5. Traffic Signal System Plan

Phase C

Future Needs Analysis

  1. Intersection and corridor projects
  2. Traffic signal projects
  3. Bicycle and pedestrian projects
  4. Pavement preservation projects
  5. Transit, freight, airport, wayfinding, and gateway projects

Phase D

Implementation Plan

  1. Fiscally-constrained list of future projects
  2. Transportation funding opportunities

Phase E

Master Transportation Plan

Final Master Transportation Plan

Events / Public Information Meetings


Public Information Meeting/Open House

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